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Knitted Fox Scarf Pattern

By August 8th 2014

Gone are the days when wearing a fur coat was considered stylish; nowadays people have realized how inhumane it is to consider wearing an animal as an accessory. But, there is nothing wrong with the fashion concept if one knits a stylish animal shaped scarf and flaunts it with pride. Fox scarves are one such variety where you use a combination of colorful yarns to make a cute scarf that resembles the appearance and coloration of a real fox. Most of these knitting patterns use the stockinette stitch with other required skills including increasing and decreasing stitches.

Fox Scarf Knitting Pattern Pictures

Fox Scarf Knitting Pattern

Free Knitted Fox Scarf Patterns Images

Knitted Fox Scarf Patterns

Fox Knitted Scarf Patterns Photos

Fox Knitted Scarf Patterns

One response to “Knitted Fox Scarf Pattern”

  1. Brock says:

    These fox patterns are absolutely adorable. I will definitely have to get one of my girlfriend!

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