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Loose-Knit Scarf Pattern

By October 29th 2014

Loose-knit scarves are effortlessly stylish, going well with almost all casual as well as formal attires. The chunky designs of loose-knit patterns make them particularly suitable for making trendy scarves as all that you need to do is pick a bulky yarn of your choice and work the stockinette stitch until the scarf reaches the desired length. You can also opt for a standard yarn and make a light lacey loose-knit scarf to match your daily needs.

Loose-Knit Scarf Pattern Pictures

Loose-Knit Scarf Pattern

Loose-Knit Net Scarf Pattern Images

Loose-Knit Net Scarf Pattern

Free Easy Loose Scarf Knitting Pattern Photos

Easy Loose Scarf Knitting Pattern

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